Nursery and Reception

Welcome to Nursery and Reception

Whether it is your child’s first day at Nursery, or their first day in Reception; it’s going to be an emotional time. You might find that you are more nervous than your child is. We are here to support both you and your child through this important transition.

 In order to help this transition go smoothly we suggest the following:

  • Talk to your child about starting school, explain that you or another familiar adult will be taking them into their classroom every morning.
  • Make sure that  your child can cope with their clothing. As  the weather gets colder you will need to teach your child to put their coat on and do it up. Trousers with an elasticated waist, and socks rather than tights for girls, might be easier to start with.
  • Expect your child to be tired and perhaps a bit grumpy as they get used to their new routine.
  • Make sure that all school uniform is clearly labelled. It is very hard to match up a missing sweatshirt with a child if it is not labelled.
  • Inviting new friends over to play is a great way to help your child settle in quickly and helps you to get to know the other parents as well.

Sharing a book or DVD will also help to explain what school is all about. These are available from the local library or bookshop, or you can buy them online.

For more information on preparing your child for school look at BBC Parents, Families Online, Directgov Parents or

School Day


Morning Class: 8.45am – 11.45am

Afternoon Class: 12.10pm – 3.10pm

Full time Nursery: 8.45am – 3.10pm


8.45am – 3.00pm

Water, Milk and Fruit

Water is very important because it stops dehydration and helps concentration. Please send your child to school with a labelled water bottle to use with our water coolers. Fruit drinks and flavoured water are not permitted in school. We take part in the free fruit scheme and offer every child from Nursery to Year 2, a free piece of fruit at morning break.

Milk is provided to all children free of charge, at lunchtime. 

School Lunches

School lunches are available to Reception and full time Nursery children. School meals are free for all Reception children.

If you wish to provide a packed lunch for your child it should be brought into school in a lunch box clearly labelled with your child’s name. For health and safety reasons, carrier bags should not be used to store packed lunches. Please remember our healthy Packed Lunch Policy when choosing food for your child’s lunch. We do not allow:

  • Crisps
  • Chocolate or sweets
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Nuts
  • Jam or chocolate spread in sandwiches.

If these items are found in your child’s lunch box, they will be returned to you at the end of the school day.

Contacts/Telephone Numbers
Please make sure we have up to date details for you. Including your current address and mobile telephone number. We also need an alternative emergency contact should you not be available in the event of your child having an accident.

Medical Needs and Illness
We want to care properly for your child. Our First Aid staff are well trained and qualified. Parents are informed of all treated head bumps via a note and parents are telephoned whenever there is a serious concern. Staff are also willing to administer any medication that your child might need. But in order to protect us, and your child, we need a completed Individual Healthcare Plan which is available from the school office. You are also welcome to speak to your child’s class teacher about any concerns you may have about your child’s health.

School Book Bags
Please remember to send your child’s book bag to school everyday and use the Reading Diary to let the teachers and staff know how your child is getting on with their reading at home.

Questions, queries and problems
If you have any quick questions please see your child’s class teacher at the start of the school day or just after school finishes. If you have a question that will take a longer time to answer, please make an appointment to see the class teacher outside school hours. 

Parking and neighbours
Please help us be good neighbours by parking legally and sensitively in the vicinity of the school. Remember parking across the school entrance could endanger lives.

For more information on what is taught in the Early Years Foundation Stage please follow this link to the DirectGov website. Or BBC Learning