Medical Conditions and Individual Health Care Plans

If your child has a medical condition that may need ongoing care and treatment whilst they are at school, we need to know about it! There is a new form called an Individual Health Care Plan which needs to be completed. The form includes:
  • Written permission from the parent/carer and the head teacher for any medication to be administered by a member of staff, or self-administered by the child during school hours.
  • Exactly what help the child needs, what they can do themselves and what they need from somebody else.
  • Who is going to give that help and when.
  • Details of any medication needed, the dose needed, when it’s needed and the procedure for using any equipment.
  • Details of any testing the child needs to do,the procedures involved and the action to be taken depending on the result.
  • Description of the symptoms and possible triggers of any emergency situation which requires urgent attention (eg asthma attack, seizure, anaphylaxis, hypo) and what staff will do if any of these occurs. It should also include when the parent/carer should be contacted and when an ambulance should be called.
  • The things that need to be done before, during or after PE.
  • What plans need to be put in place for exams (if appropriate).
  • Details of where medication and other supplies will be stored and who will have access to them. It should also include what supplies will be needed, how often the supplies should be checked and by whom.
  • What to do in an emergency, including who to contact.
  • A description of the training that has been given to whom.
  • Any details of when the child needs to eat meals and snacks, what help they need around meal or snack time, eg whether they need to go to the front of the lunch queue or have any other special arrangement around meal/snack time.
  • What plans need to be put in place for any school trips (including overnight) or other school activities outside of the normal timetable.
  • This is not an exhaustive list, and the IHP might also include other aspects of a child’s care.
  • Remember to attach any other documents/medical reports that are relevant to a child/young person’s care to the plan.

The School Nurse will be looking over the plans to ensure that everything is in order.


If you have any queries please do contact Mrs Ferri via the school office.