Breakfast and After School Club

Caring for children from Nursery to Year 6


Telephone: 020 8653 5434


The Breakfast & After School Club at Heavers Farm Primary aims to support busy parents by providing a caring, safe and fun filled environment for their children within a familiar setting.

We offer a full range of before and after school clubs. We offer a breakfast club every morning from 7.30am. The cost is £5.00/day which includes breakfast. We also offer an after school ‘Games Club’ which is open until  6.00pm daily. The cost for this is £8.00/day which includes a healthy meal.

If you would like more information or would like to book a place for your child at either/both of these clubs then please contact the school office who will give you a booking form to complete. 

BREAKFAST CLUB (7.30am—8.45am) A fun and healthy start to the school day.

During breakfast club the children will have the opportunity to choose from a great range of activities such as reading, small world, drawing, dressing up, games, puzzles and much more! Children arriving before 8.30am will be offered breakfast. At 8.45am members of staff will take the children to their individual classes.

GAMES CLUB (3.00pm—6.00pm) The perfect way for your child to end the day.

The children arriving at after school club will be met with a range of exciting activities. All children will be given support for their homework and/or reading.

For those who are worn out from the school day we have a choice of calming activities and those who have lots of energy may prefer to engage in one of our more physical activities. Children are offered a meal. Children attending the after school club are brought to us by a member of class staff each day.

All children must be collected by their parent/carer from the club by 6.00pm. Any child collected after this time will incur a late fee of £1.00 per minute. If you are regularly late to collect your child then we reserve the right to withdraw your child’s place, with immediate effect.

If a child has not been collected by 6.45 pm and we cannot reach their parent/carer, then the school will contact the Duty Social Worker for advice.


All applications for clubs are accepted on a first come, first served basis. However, we are flexible and if numbers increase we will employ additional staff to ensure that we cater for as many children as possible.

Application forms are made available towards the end of each summer term. This is to be filled out and returned to the office before we break up for the holidays. If there are any outstanding debts for any clubs, or school lunches we provided when we are due to return for the new academic year, any offer of a place you have been offered will be immediately suspended or withdrawn. Children are not guaranteed a place if their form is handed in after the school year has started.

If all spaces are full, you will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted once a space becomes available. Your place will be given to someone on the waiting list if you do not take up the place within two weeks of the offer. If you inform us of a start date that you would like your child to begin, a place will be kept for you.

Please note: Places for all clubs will need to be reapplied for at the start of each school year.

If one of our clubs is full then you may need to go on our waiting list until a space becomes available. If you would like your child to attend our breakfast or after school club then please see a member of staff either before or after school and they will provide you with a booking form. Alternatively you can contact our club manager via telephone or email, or you can collect a form from the school office. On arrival at the breakfast club your child will be marked in by staff. Please ensure your child has been registered before you leave. On leaving the after school club it remains your responsibility to sign your child out.

Anyone collecting your child should be at least 16 years old and their details should have been submitted to the school office in advance. If you need to send anyone different please let us know in advance or call the school office on the day to confirm the details.   


We ask all parents/carers to sign a club agreement agreeing to the terms and conditions, once their child has been offered a place in one of our clubs. You can download a copy here: Clubs Terms & Conditions 2016-17. Failure to comply may result in your club space being withdrawn or suspended. 


After School Club is £8 per session and Breakfast Club is £5 per session.

All club places must be paid for in advance. Your child will not be able to attend a club unless the place has been paid for, and credited in your ParentPay account, in advance. If you owe money for any clubs, or for school meals, your club places will be immediately suspended until the debt is cleared. Failure to pay any outstanding balances may lead the school contacting Croydon Councils Debt Collecting Agency in order to recover the debt. If you wish to pay monthly, please ensure that your monthly payment covers all of the club costs for that month in advance. The same applies for payments received by Childcare Vouchers, these must cover the costs for all club places in advance.

Please note that Childcare Vouchers cannot be used to pay for school lunches.

If you will be paying via Paypoint, please ask the school for a barcode letter for each club that you are paying for. Note it can take up to 72 hours for payments to clear and show on your account. Please make sure you keep your receipts for reference.

You are responsible for putting the correct money in each club payment item. The school are not able to transfer money from payment item to payment item.

Childcare Vouchers: when you transfer Childcare Voucher payments, please send an email to outlining the details of how you would like these allocated. Please ensure that you allocate the money per child, rather than per family, as this is how it shows on ParentPay. Once we have allocated the money how you have asked, we cannot move between payment items.

A 50% sibling discount is effective when two or more children attend Breakfast or Games club on the same day. The first child will be charged the full cost, and any siblings will receive a 50% discount. Please note: that the eldest sibling will be the child charged the full cost, and allocate your payments accordingly. For example, if you have a child in Years 4, 3 and 2, the child in Year 4 will be charged full price, and the children in Years 3 and 2 will be charged half price.

Federation staff are entitled to a 50% discount for Games Club, Breakfast Club, Basketball, Soccer School and Multi Sports for each of their children.

If you will be using Student Finance to fund your child’s club fees, you will need to pay for your child and then claim back the charges.


Once a booking has been received and a completed booking form has been completed, and a place has been offered the fees become payable.

If you need your child to attend any additional sessions to those booked then please speak to the manager to see if a place is available for the required session. All additional sessions used will be payable immediately and there will be no refunds for missed sessions due to absence.

It is not possible to swap booked days, and requests to permanently change sessions must be made in writing in advance and we will endeavour to help. If your child attends a residential trip with the school you will not be charged for missed sessions but please let us know in advance.

Please inform the after school club, via the school office if your child will not attend any booked session so we can be sure your child is safe. This should be done between 7.00 and 8.30am or from 2.45-3.00pm so that your child can be marked absent.


The club manager heads a small team of qualified, experienced and enthusiastic school staff. Staff members hold relevant qualifications for their positions and attend training. All staff members are DBS checked.


Parents can email or text non-urgent enquiries via the details above. We aim to respond within 24 hours. If you have an urgent query, especially anything related to that day, please telephone the school office as early as you can.


The clubs will be open during the school term – we will not be open on INSET days. We hope to run holiday clubs in the future, if numbers permit. If the school is closed for any reason, the breakfast and after school club will also be closed and parents will be notified by the school in the usual way. If the school closes early in an emergency, the after school club will not operate and you will need to make arrangements to collect your child.


If your child has an accident we will record it in our accident record book and you will be be informed in line with the school policy.  If the accident is considered serious, or involves a head injury, we will attempt to contact you immediately. If an accident requires medical attention then the emergency services will be contacted and a staff member will accompany your child until you arrive.


If you have a complaint, please see the school’s Complaints Procedure available on the school blog.