As a Federation, we place great value in sports and physical education in our schools. It is an integral part of our curriculum and we devote a lot of resources to the area.

Every child from Year 1 through to Year 6 receives two hours of P.E. a week through the curriculum, with at least one of these hours delivered by a specialist sports coach and the other by teachers, who have liaised with the sports coach to deliver the best lesson possible. Children in Reception also receive one lesson a week from our sports coaches in order to encourage sports participation from a young age.

Our children are also encouraged to join our lunchtime and after-school sports activities, with specialist coaches hired at lunch time to organise sports in the playground and on the field, and at least one sports club provided every day after school. Further, we provide several free after-school sports clubs. Every sports club is expected to provide planning to our Extended Schools Manager for monitoring.

We compete intra-school through the Croydon School Sports Partnership, as well as competing within the Federation by organising friendly matches in the sporting areas we have been covering in the curriculum.

Our Federation Sports Manager, who monitors the quality of planning and P.E. delivery across the Federation, oversees our Sports Leaders and coaches, as well as supervising our lunchtime provision. We provide our Sports Leaders with PPA time every week in order to ensure the highest quality of planning, which is held to the same standards as our lesson plans in the other core curriculum subjects.

Monitoring during in the 2015/16 school year told us that:

  • We need to focus on the area of swimming, not all children are able to swim 25 metres by the end of Year 6
  • Throwing and catching skills were poor in some areas of upper KS2, and that we needed to target this earlier on
  • Clothing for sports competitions was outdated and inappropriate for all competitions
  • We were not providing enough free after-school club spaces in our paid clubs

During the 2015/16 school year, we improved in the following areas:

  • Our children took part in over 30 intra-school competitions, going to the finals in several
  • Our sports and PE staff took part in several courses to improve skills, such as in the area of “inclusive PE”, to support our SEND children in the area of physical education
  • We spent a significant amount of money on providing outdoor resources and specialist sports staff during lunchtimes for all year groups, this enhanced the level of physical activity among all children
  • Took on a second sports coach, to enhance our ability to provide high quality PE provision
  • Our Federation Sports Manager took over management of lunchtime staff and monitoring lunchtime activities
  • Our children attended high-level sports events with the school, such as the European Swimming Championships at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
  • We had more children than ever before in the finals of several competitions

Our focuses for the 2016/17 school year are as follows:

  • Improving swimming provision, to ensure that every child can swim at least 25 metres by the end of Year 6
  • Giving specialist time each week to our different sports teams, in order for them to reach their potential
  • Encouraging our less active children to take part in more physically active playground activities
  • Focusing on specific areas of physical development in each year group, and monitoring to check these outcomes at the end of the year
  • Furthering the Olympic legacy

Our PE and Sports Grant this year is £10,685.

We will be spending our grant this year on:

  • Furthering the Olympic legacy and encouraging sports participation through a high profile Olympics-themed Sports Day at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
  • Updating sports kits to encourage children to represent the school at sports competitions
  • Extra swimming lessons, for those whom one lesson a week is not sufficient
  • Offering free after-school sports club places
  • Entering intra-school sports competitions

Our total spending in the area of PE and Sports is £77,247.

We have a table below, which details our spending on sports at the school.

Use of Funding What this means for the children




Specialist Sports Leader, Federation Sports Manager and Sports Coaches at each school in the Federation High quality P.E. teaching for all children from Reception to Year 6, specialist planning and organisation. More sports competitions organised for children.

Higher levels of physical activity and sports engagement for all children.

Access to high quality P.E. from young age.

Intra-School Competition through the CSSP


Children compete with other Croydon schools, and are offered pathways to county and national level competition, e.g. Sainsbury’s School Games Refines children’s skills in particular sports.

Offers children a new way to experience sports playing.

Intra-School competition through the Federation Children are offered a non-judgemental way to compete with another Croydon school. Increases school sports participation for all students by offering competitive sports for those of all levels.
High level sports clubs every day after school One or more after-school sports clubs provided for all year groups every day.


Extra-curricular provision for all children in school


Free after-school sports clubs We provide several free after-school and lunchtime sports clubs for pupils of various ages.


Access to extra- curricular sports clubs for all children.


Assisted places in high- quality sports clubs We provide a limited number of assisted or free places in our sports clubs for families in need, or children who are gifted and talented in P.E. Access to extra curricular clubs for all children, regardless of financial status.

Extension of activities for children who gifted and talented in P.E.

Breakfast club “wake up, shake up” provision Specialist coach in breakfast club offers before school physical activity for breakfast club children Access to physical activity before school.
Extra P.E. lessons for gifted and talented children Friday afternoon P.E. for children gifted and talented in P.E. or those chosen for school competitions


Extending and developing the skills of the most gifted and talented children in P.E.


Providing P.E. kits for families in need Providing kits for families that cannot afford to provide for their children, meaning that every child takes part in P.E. and does not feel excluded. Inclusion of all children in P.E.
Buying spare P.E. kits to keep in school


Providing spare kits for those children who forget their P.E. kit, meaning that all children take part in every P.E. lesson, every week.


Preventing children opting out of P.E.

Inclusion of all children in P.E., every lesson, every week.

Specialist sports uniforms and strips for competition We provide specialist kits for each competition we compete in (e.g. football kits for football matches; singlets for athletics competitions).


Increased performance, participation and pride in intra-school competitions.


Bikes and scooters as rewards for good attendance. Every child who gets above 96% attendance is entered into a draw to win a bike or a scooter. Increased uptake of cycling or walking/scooting to school.

Increased physical activity outside of school by providing a tool for this.

Training of staff in sports delivery by the sports leaders Teachers and TAs are given the opportunity to develop their skills teaching P.E. and sports Increased quality of P.E. teaching for all children.
Bikeability courses for KS2 children Children are given the opportunity to learn how to ride bikes, as well as learning safe road biking skills


Increases number of children cycling to school, and being active outside of school


Opportunities for children to trial for local and national teams Gifted and Talented children are put forward for trials and opportunities at different clubs for different sports Increases children’s opportunties to take part at sports at a higher level
Rental of specialist sports facilities We will rent facilities when the school does not have sufficient facilities for an event This offers children the opportunity for broader sporting experiences
Transport to sporting events Minibuses and coaches to take children to and from all competitions Increases children’s ability to take part in sports competitions. They don’t have to rely on parents or public transport.

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