School Policies and Forms

School Policies

Course Booking Form 

Staff Email Policy

Staff Disciplinary Procedure

Staff Sickness Policy 2019

Employee Complaints Grievance Procedure

Teacher Appraisal Policy 2018

Heavers Farm Hospitality Form

Staff Special Leave Request Form 2017

Policy on Staff Commencing Employment Pending DBS Disclosure

Professional Development, Degree and Masters Policy for Staff

Managing Allegations of Abuse

Staff Pay Policy 2018

Upper Pay Range Application Guidance

Staff Pupil Contact Policy

Reporting Sickness and Return to Work form 2019

Staff Code of Conduct

Use of Reasonable Force DfE Guidance 2013

Accessibility Plan 2017-20

Anti-Smoking Policy

Assessment Policy 2018

Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2019

Charging and Remissions Policy 2018

Child friendly safeguarding policy

Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy 2018

Collective Worship Policy 2016

Croydon School Complaints – what to do if you have a concern about a school

Cyber-bullying Guide 2016 (Anti-Bullying Alliance)

Drop Off Collection Policy 2018

Early Help and Child Protection Policy 2019

E Safety, Acceptable Use and Camera Policy

Equalities Policy Statement 2017

Feedback Policy 2016

Finance Policy 2019

Heavers Farm Fire Safety Policy 2019

Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme 2019

General Data Protection Regulation Policy 2018

GDPR DPO Policy 2019

Governors’ Allowance Policy 2019

Governor School Visit Protocol

Handwriting Policy 2018

Head Lice Leaflet

Health and Safety and First Aid Policy 2019

Home School Agreement

Lettings Policy 2019

Medical Needs Policy 2019

Mobile Phone Use Agreement

Packed Lunch Policy

Privacy Notice

PSHE Policy

Records Management Policy 2017

School Safety Document

Heavers Farm School Travel Plan

School Trips Policy

SRE Policy 2018

Social Media Policy 2016

Teaching and Learning Policy 2016

Trip Consent Form

Schools whistleblowing policy

Write-off and Debt Policy and Disposal Statement 2018

Staff Policies and Forms

At Heavers Farm we buy into Octavo’s HR service which means that we follow all of their policies. Governors have approved this. All HR policies and guidance can be found on Octavo Partnership’s resources page.

The guidance on staff discretionary leave can be found here.