Parent Survey 2016

Here are the results of our 2016 Parent and Carer Survey

The headline is that 93% of parents and carers would recommend our school to others.

We have identified a number of action points from the results of this survey, which will be included in our School Development Plan for 2016/17:

  • Improve communication with parent and carers
  • Be more explicit about how we are dealing with bullying in school.
  • Improve opportunities to meet with your child’s class teacher to discuss progress.
  • Provide more opportunities for parents to support their children with their learning, including a change to homework.
  • Support parents to behave in a more thoughtful way at the school gates.
  • Ensure that all members of the leadership team are more visible and that the issues outlined in the survey are addressed effectively.

Survey Results in Descending Order

My child is excited about learning and enjoys what s/he is learning: Agree/Strongly Agree: 98%

The school encourages my child to be punctual and have good attendance: Agree/Strongly Agree: 96%

My child is making good progress: Agree/Strongly Agree: 95%

My child settled in well when they started at Heavers Farm: Agree/Strongly Agree: 92%

My child feels safe at this school: Agree/Strongly Agree: 92% (don’t know/neutral 6%)

The school helps my child to develop socially, respect others and become independent: Agree/Strongly Agree: 92%

Behaviour is considered important at Heavers Farm and pupils behave well: Agree/Strongly Agree: 91% (don’t know/neutral 6%)

The staff treat my child fairly and with respect: Agree/Strongly Agree: 89% (don’t know/neutral 7%)

Heavers Farm is inclusive and everyone is valued: Agree/Strongly Agree: 89%

My child is taught an interesting and broad curriculumAgree/Strongly Agree: 88% (don’t know/neutral 11%)

I am pleased with how my child is taughtAgree/Strongly Agree: 88% (don’t know/neutral 9%)

I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, suggestions or concerns: Agree/Strongly Agree: 88% (don’t know/neutral 9%)

Heavers Farm is well led and managed: Agree/Strongly Agree: 82% (don’t know/neutral 8%)

This school has high expectations for my child: Agree/Strongly Agree: 81% (don’t know/neutral 18%)

The school helps me support my child’s learning: Agree/Strongly Agree: 81% (don’t know/neutral 13%)

I have regular opportunities to meet with my child’s teacher and be kept well informed about how my child is doing: Agree/Strongly Agree: 80% (don’t know/neutral 13%)

Any concerns about bullying are dealt with quickly and effectively: Agree/Strongly Agree: 71% (don’t know/neutral 23%)

The school communicates well with parents: Agree/Strongly Agree: 63% (don’t know/neutral 18%)

I think that there should be more of the following in the curriculum (Please share any ideas you have about school trips, visitors to the school, aspects of the curriculum, out of school activities etc.)

  • More out of school activities and outdoor activities.
  • More swimming.
  • Teaching of languages.
  • Support for individual music lessons
  • Wider range of children to take part in competitive sports outside schools
  • Visitors from outside school to demonstrate hard work. Including those who used to attend Heavers Farm as a child, or lived in South Norwood, Croydon, London. For Year 6 pupils hear from those that went to Oxford/Cambridge that came from LA primary and secondary school.
  • Head of School to be more visible to parents and be more available to parents.
  • More challenge for the most-able pupils.
  • More effective monitoring of merits.
  • Different approach to homework. Very repetitive last year. Homework to match pupil need more. To include work on different faiths. More formal homework which is less dependent on the adults carrying it out for the children.
  • More event days with outside visitors coming in to school e.g. universities, museums.
  • Parent workshops to take place early in the year.
  • More extra curriculum activities such as singing, music and badminton. More free clubs.
  • Mentoring for children from Year 3 upwards.
  • More competitions e.g. story-telling, drawing and dance.
  • Wider range of trips e.g. KidZania as it allows children to play and experience possible job roles in the future. Earn money. Have the option to save it. Trips to the aquarium and London Dungeon. Residential trips for year groups other than Y6.
  • More family events like fetes and fairs. Engage parents.
  • More academic support at games club to enhance learning.
  • Trips away for the older children not just for year 6.
  • More performances to parents.
  • Parent in school days. More parent involvement.
  • Trim bushes near the main entrance.
  • Provide a space where parents can sit during rain or snow.
  • More staff at lunchtime and playtime.
  • Celebrate Black history more.
  • Holiday clubs.

The school could do the following to help me support my child more with their learning:

  • Parent workshops after school. Ensure that information for workshops goes out well in advance and repeated to ensure that message has got home. More workshops based on forthcoming exams/tests. Please encourage activities with parent and child at workshop rather than just teacher talking to child and parent. Handouts after workshops.
  • Ensure all email addresses up to date.
  • Detail home on what they will be learning each term. “Mark homework with comments.
  • Share more on the school blog on what they are learning so that we can talk to our children about their day at school
  • Help me get my children to their class safely by getting more parents to walk to school.
  • Engaging parents more in courses taught
  • Suggestions of websites and addresses to learn mathematics”
  • For working parents the only opportunity to meet with the teacher is parents evenings. Perhaps having one other ‘drop-in session’ during the term would be welcome.

One thing I really like about this school is:

  • Enjoyable school
  • Excellent progress
  • Sports and PE
  • Really good at fostering good relationships between the children. I like the way everyone is included
  • Approachable staff
  • It is a fun environment for the children to learn in.
  • My child is happy
  • The Headteacher
  • School layout and transparency
  • The after school activities/clubs and incentives.
  • The staff
  • It’s well kept
  • Uniform
  • Modern
  • The Executive Head
  • My child has a wonderful Teaching Assistant.
  • Blog posts
  • PGL
  • Listens to parents and actually puts in place a lot of parent’s suggestions.
  • A good education for children
  • Everything
  • The vibe of community
  • Flexibility of breakfast and afterschool clubs
  • Diversity
  • Good environment and safe
  • Children are well disciplined.
  • Everyone treated with equal respect.
  • The healthy, happy environment
  • Excellent leadership and excellent teachers
  • Lovely atmosphere.
  • Happy with all activities and the reading diary.
  • Their attention to good manners, behaviour and social skills.
  • The teachers are great
  • The school is clean.
  • The staff, teachers and especially teaching assistants seem to really give their all.
  • Friendly environment where children can express themselves
  • Kids have a strong sense of belonging and identity
  • its open space…discipline….structure and routine up held..
  • The staff are communicative.
  • Manners and expectations. And rewarding hard work.
  • My kids seem to enjoy school, learning and I also like the way the kwon do work and the enthusiasm on sports and extra circular activities and creativity in the children’s learning
  • The children are well taught and well behaved.
  • My child enjoys it and looks forward to learning
  • Provides a lot of activities for the kids
  • Facilities & teaching staff
  • High quality status
  • Near to my home
  • Fantastic teachers
  • Good teachers
  • Ms Papas
  • Homework
  • How much my child is encouraged and how much he has progressed within his first year
  • School news / to inform/ report parents by phone / text of important events
  • The facilities – green spaces and light and airy classrooms; and it’s friendly and diverse
  • Friendly
  • The use of the outdoor space/field
  • Respect for everyone
  • The learning
  • The spacious layout
  • Children are happy here
  • the teachers who have been teaching my child so far have been very helpful
  • High level of P.E
  • Provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities which benefits both the pupils and parents.
  • Everything
  • They give everyone equal opportunity and treat everyone same.
  • Staff politeness and helpfulness
  • Teachers and TA’s are good
  • Secluded site and open space
  • I learn new things.
  • My child is always happy

One thing I would like to improve at this school is:

  • Communication x 16!
  • Parent involvement. Communication. Community relationship
  • BME teacher within the senior leadership team.
  • Provision for academically more-able students.
  • Retention of staff
  • Bigger main hall
  • Smaller classes
  • In serving school dinners which are hot and not cold
  • Make the playing field accessible in all weather conditions. Don’t take away any more field space
  • Updating the blog regularly. Very sad that it does not happen often enough. Or appoint someone to take care of all year groups. I love looking at the blog keeps me in the loop. Especially for parents who work a lot like myself.
  • School lunches.
  • The behaviour of some parents, who feel they have a right to behave how they like outside the school gates
  • Getting to school safer. getting people to drop their children off with a school rep or approved volunteer at the beginning of Dinsdale Gardens or safe area of Tennison Road so the rest of the pupils can get in safely.
  • Driving access- there needs to be a proper drop off point for parents who have to comment car
  • Consultation with parents
  • No cars at front and side gate road. It is very dangerous.
  • The playground to be better
  • Stopping parents parking near school gates
  • More time to talk with the teachers…maybe meetings a bit longer than 10min
  • Outside support to tackle the issues with inconsiderate driving and parking at the access points to the school.
  • The school dinners. My child forces herself to eat the food