Heavers Farm Reception Admissions 2017/18

Children enter our Reception classes at the beginning of the school year in which they will reach their fifth birthday. All places are full time. All applications MUST BE SUBMITTED TO CROYDON using the methods described below.

Open Days

We will be holding a series of open days in order to allow parents of children due to start Reception in September 2017 to look around the school prior to making their school applications. The dates for these events are:

  • Wednesday 7th December 2016;
  • Thursday 15th December 2016;
  • Tuesday 20th December 2016;
  • Thursday 5th January 2017; and
  • Tuesday 10th January 2016.

Each morning there will be two sessions, one at 9.00am and one at 11.00am and each will last about one hour.

Please contact the school office to book a place.

Croydon Admission Arrangements for Reception 2017/18

We are a community school this means that we follow Croydon’s admissions criteria.

This step-by-step breakdown takes you through the process of applying for a school place for those starting reception in 2017.

The 2017/18 application process starts on 1 September 2016.

Step 1: Getting ready – do your research

Step 2: Check the admission policies

Admission criteria for Community schools 2017/18. You can download the admissions criteria for community primary schools here: Primary schools Admissions – 2017/18 . These apply to Croydon community schools.

Admission arrangements for other primary and secondary schools.  Please visit Croydon’s Primary schools web pages to view the 2017-18 admission arrangements for academies, foundation schools, free schools and voluntary-aided schools in Croydon.

Step 3: Complete your application

You can apply for a school place at

Supplementary Information Forms (SIF) In addition to making your application online, some schools require you to complete and return direct to them a supplementary information form (SIF). These forms, which are available direct from the schools, ask for information which is not collected on the LA application form but which is needed by the schools concerned to enable them to reach a decision on your application. Please note a SIF will not be considered on its own. You must also include the school as a preference on your online application.

Closing date for receipt of primary school applications is 15 January 2017.

Step 4: Receiving your offer

Primary Schools (Reception Admissions)

  • During the evening of 18 April 2017, you will be sent an email informing you when you can log onto your eAdmissions account to view the outcome of your application.  Emails are sent in batches so you may receive your email before or after other families.
  • In advance of 18 April 2017, you may wish to download the ParentComms app on to your smart phone.  You can use the app to receive the outcome of you application but you will need to accept the place you have been offered from your eAdmissions account.
  • If you prefer, you can also log in to the eAdmissions website to view your application outcome at

Accepting the Offer – parents/carers must accept or decline the offer of a place by Monday 2 May 2017 by logging into their eAdmissions account.

Our Open Days

We hold our open days during the school day so that you can come and see our school at work. We can do these at a time to suit you.

If you would like to book a time for a tour, please either telephone the school office on 020 8653 5434 and ask for Cleo Douglas or email her on giving her your name, mobile number and your preferred time and date.

Heavers Farm Nursery 2017/18

Children are admitted to our Nursery at the start of the academic year in which they are 4 years old. Parents are invited to submit their child’s name once they reach the age of two. We offer part-time places in the mornings and afternoons. We also offer a small number of fee-paying full-time places.

If you would like to apply for a place please telephone Cleo Douglas (Admissions Officer) by telephone: 0208 653 5434  or email her on and she will send you an application form and arrange a visit.

Year 1 to Year 6 in-year Application Process

Admission to Years 1 to 6 is administered by Croydon’s School Admissions department. You will need to fill out a form on the In Year Admissions page.

You are very welcome to visit our school before applying for a place. You can either telephone on 020 8653 5434 and ask for Cleo Douglas, or email her on and she will arrange a time for a visit.