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Heavers Winners!

Our fantastic athletes secured a brilliant result yesterday… Check out these competition reports from two of our athletes to find out more.

On Thursday the 12th January 2023, years five and six attended an indoor athletics competition where we competed in many races and challenging activities. At the beginning of the competition, it was not going so well. We found ourselves in second place and Selsdon were constantly taking first place. We all managed to keep our spirits up and encouraged our team to keep going. 

It was the boys relay and unfortunately we had a bad exchange with the baton putting us into second place, this led to tears from some of the boys but they still got up to cheer on the girls in their relay. The girls also experienced some errors but still came first.

After hours of training and competing, it was time for the results. Out of eight teams, first place will represent Croydon in the London Youth Games on 10th February 2023. We sat in anticipation waiting. First and second place were finally announced, St. Joseph’s were called for second place, this meant we had come first. We could barely contain our excitement and ran to the sports leaders to collect our medals. We took lots of pictures and now we are preparing to represent Croydon.

Lucie, Amethyst

It was a Thursday afternoon, we, the years 5&6 athletics team, had just finished four long hours of training and we were arriving at the school for the competition, full and ready for anything. As we waited for the competition to begin, we laughed and joked around, we kept our spirits high but also kept down the growing apprehension that was just beginning to show. 

The loud speaker rang out, signalling for the field events to begin. We walked to our events, praying that we would do well, and the training would pay off. Before long, we had finished the field events and had moved onto the track events, this would be the real decider of the winner. The first races went worse than they could have been, we found ourselves in second place, whereas Selsdon were consistently coming first. However, as the main relay came up, heaps of anticipation and apprehension weighed down the shoulders of most. It was time for the boys relay, which we hoped we would win, but, to our horror, a bad exchange caused us to land in second place. We were distraught, but we had one last chance, the girls’ relay would have to be our saviour. To our surprise, we managed to win the relay, and now it would all come down to who was in first.

The schools were called out for where they were: 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd. To our surprise, none of them were us; it was now down to the last two, and we were positive we were going to be called second, but we crossed our fingers and prayed all the same. “And in second place… ST. JOSEPH’S” the announcer called out. We erupted into cheers, our hysteric laugher almost drowned out the loudspeaker. “In first place… Heavers Farm!” We rushed up to collect our medals, glowing with pride. We had won!

Dtonmai, Obsidian

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  1. I’m proud of our pupils for their amazing performance in the athletics!

  2. Aaaw its ashame that Norwayne is missing from this picture. Where was he?

  3. Unfortunately, Norwayne didn’t want to be in this picture! We are planning to put more up very soon, which will feature all of the incredible athletes, including Norwayne 🙂

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