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Sports Day

On Thursday 14th July we will be enjoying our annual sports day. We are excited to once again be returning to Croydon Arena!  Those who have attended before will know what a lovely day this is.

EYFS/KS1 (Nursery to Y2)

Please go straight to the Arena for 9:30am.  If anyone is not able to drop off at the Arena, please be at school as usual by 8:50 so that we can walk down together. Families are welcome to stay and can walk around the carousel of activities with their child’s class.

KS2 (Years 3-6)

Children will attend school as normal in the morning and will walk to the Arena at 11:30am. Any family members (over 18) who are able to walk with us will be warmly welcomed. Please be at school by 11:15 ready for departure

After lunch KS2 will complete the carousel of activities from 1:15pm, families are welcome to follow the classes around.


The whole school will then have lunch together at 12 and families are welcome to join the classes. We will provide black sacks and any help in ensuring the site is kept clean will be greatly appreciated. KS2 children must stay with their classes, but younger children can be signed out and join older siblings. 

We ask you to please stay off the pitch in the middle of the track as this is being seeded for the next season.

If you need a school packed lunch for this day please inform us by Monday 11th July.

At the end of the event there will be the relay races, as well as races for staff and family members. 

Anyone can sign their child out at the end of the afternoon.  Any child not signed out will return to school and can be collected. Please note that we are likely to return to school by about 3:45.


We do expect hot weather on Thursday so please make sure your child has their water bottle (there are facilities to top these up at the arena) and anything else your child might need, such as a sun hat, sun cream or allergy medication.

All children should wear their school PE kit including their correct house t-shirt.