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Ofsted Report

Dear Heavers Farm Families,

My apologies for not being in contact sooner, however, I was laid low with Covid over Christmas and at the start of this term. I have now returned school and am back in the swing of things!

As we begin the new term, we wanted to update you on the Ofsted inspection that took place in the school in November. We are pleased to report that the inspectors concluded that we continue to be a good school. The report can be found here, we would encourage you to read it. 

It contains really positive comments about our school. This is particularly encouraging given the circumstances of the past two years and challenges we have faced due to the Covid pandemic. There were many lovely comments made to us in person during the inspection. They did not all make their way into the final report, but it is pleasing that the inspectors recognised the work that has gone into making our school the very special place that it is today. As one pupil told the inspector ‘I feel like this school is my home’.

You will notice that the report states that if we had been subject to a full inspection on that date that we may not have retained our good grading. This is down to the two curriculum related action points. We are already well on the way to achieving these targets, and we fully expect to achieve an (at least!) good grading in our next full inspection. 

Every good school relies on a positive partnership with families, and we would like to thank you for your support of our school and for the vital role that you have played in continuing to encourage your child’s learning. Despite the ongoing challenges of Covid-19, we are focused on helping every pupil catch up on the missed opportunities and learning over the past two years. It is vital that this work continues at pace throughout this academic year and beyond so that we can work with you to minimise the impact that the pandemic has on this generation of young people. 

May I wish you a very belated, happy and successful New Year.

Susan Papas