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Thought For The Week: Monday, 4th October 2021

As we talked about in assembly in assembly last week, we will spend the next few weeks thinking about our school rules and why they exist. We are going to start with the school rule: we keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

Have a think about this school rule. Why do we have this rule? Why is it important? How can we make sure we follow it?

Year 5 & 6: have a think about why we use these words for the rule? Could it be written differently?

4 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: Monday, 4th October 2021

  1. You could also say do not touch other people or do not touch students and staff. This rule is important as we must respect everyones personal space and people could get hurt if we don’t.
    From Riley (Sapphire)

  2. We have this rule because you don’t want to hurt anyone. We can make sure we follow it by not standing too close to people or waving our arms and legs around.
    Billy – Zircon

  3. I think we have to do this because if you don’t you can go to detention or get kicked out of the school so this why I think we should follow the school rules

  4. I think we have this rule because if we didn’t have it the school would turn into a boxing arena, and since we do have it everybody will be safe.

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