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Cross Country trials – Friday 17th September

We are looking forward to Fridays returning to being our day to be extra sporty at Heavers Farm Primary. In this vein, we are having our trials for cross-country this Friday!

We are hoping this year sees us return to attending the Croydon-wide competition at Lloyd Park, showing all of Croydon what we’re made of.

As we were not able to attend this competition last year, we are also hoping to return to previous great form and secure some team and individual medals.

On Friday 17th September, we will be holding cross-country trials for Years 1-6 throughout the day.

If you wish to take part on Friday, all you need to do is wear your PE/sports clothing (anything comfortable and appropriate for running long-distance) and trainers and when your teacher says it’s time for cross-country, you go to the start line!  If it is not your usual day for wearing PE kit, please wear PE kit so that you are ready for trials.

We look forward to as many of you taking part as possible, and continuing our tradition of cross-country greatness!  Keep an eye out here for photos and super runners after the event!