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Thought For The Week: Friday, 2nd July 2021

What do you think that Maya Angelou meant by saying “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”?

Is there something that you could change for the better? Is there something that you could change your attitude towards?

12 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: Friday, 2nd July 2021

  1. Opal class
    Maya: You can’t change some things happening in the world like Corona Virus, but you can change your approach to it for example we may not be able to go to the cinema but you can have a movie night at home.

    Amira: You can’t change what is happening, but you can change the way you see things for example talking to other people and make them become a better person in life.

    Kyra: You can play a part in climate change and hopefully end it, by doing your part like recycling more, or riding to school.

    Drew: I would change racism by if you see someone being mistreated because of their skin colour, you should help them or stick up for them, you can’t stop racism altogether but you can do your part to make changes, you can also be kind to other people that have differences.

  2. I would change on my handwriting and make sure the world could improve by not littering.

  3. Everyone knows you can change your life,no one can tell you what to do because its your life.As an example if you had your favourite jumper and someone said it looked ugly, that’s not ok. Its rude your saying something about someone jumper.


  4. I think she meant when change your attitude is stop bullying basically don’t say you can’t do this because of that that’s just rude


  5. I think when she meant change your attitude she meant stop bullying like don’t say you can’t do this because of that that’s just rude it’s all about caring,sharing and being together like if we were family so always have a positive attitude if someone is bullying you and tell teacher because they will deal with them


  6. Some things you can not change but all of us will still try your hardest to do it. Like lock down we had to stay in and not go to school or to the park or to the cinema. We couldn’t change corona virus happening but we could all do our best to stop it spreading.

  7. I think she meant that if you can’t change something then you should change how you act

  8. You can change how you respond to stuff but if you don’t like something and you can’t change it then you will start worrying about your future.

  9. There are something you just have to cope with and it may be very annoying but think about the positive side and change you mind set. Maybe example like if you go detention deal with it because it was your choice to do the right thing but you didn’t, so think about the positive side, at least now I know not to do that again.

  10. I think she means you should change what you are and have a better life of yours by improving your behaviour for example.

  11. I think she means you should change you whole life and make it a improved life than you’ve had before.

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