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Drop Off and Pick Up: Keeping Children Safe

Hello everyone,

It was lovely to see you all this morning and to welcome everyone back to school. We had a few teething issues with the new arrangements and would welcome your help to resolve these.

We are being very cautious, particularly given the rise in COVID cases reported over the weekend. We are asking for your help to keep everyone safe and keep our school open.

Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Could we ask you all to arrive at school the right time for your year group. We need to reduce the congestion around the gates at each end of the school day. Please do not arrive early as this causes a crowd around the school which is putting everyone at risk. We also ask that you keep your child socially distanced from children who are in a different bubble. We are asking this to reduce the chances of cross infection in case of an outbreak in school.

The start times are as follows:

Nursery 08:30, Reception 08:45, Years 1 & 2 09:00, Years 3 & 4 09:15, Years 5 & 6 09:25.

We know that it was the first day back and many of you were unsure about the start times and which class your child was going to. Hopefully tomorrow, this will be a bit easier.

The end times are as follows:

Nursery 14:45, Reception 14:55, Years 1 & 2 15:05, Years 3 & 4 15:15, Years 5 & 6 15:25.

If you are bringing your child into school please remember that only one adult must come onto to the site with the children in each family. For example if you have two children in different year groups, one adult should bring both children to school.

Many of our school community are vulnerable and are seriously at risk if they are infected with coronavirus. We also have many in our community who are feeling very anxious and worried. We are asking everyone to work together to protect everyone in our school community and to keep each other safe.

Thank you for working with with us in these extraordinary times.