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Thought For The Week: 18th May 2020


At the end of this half-term, we hope you have all had time to think about caring from our environment.

Consider Lewis Gordon’s words. How can you make sure that our environment stays sustainable when you grow up?


One thought on “Thought For The Week: 18th May 2020

  1. We can make sure our environment stays sustainable by using what we already have, technology.

    The world have grown smarter and we have learned to cope without the environment. However, there are downsides to using technology. To create som technology, you need poisonous greenhouse gases, that affect the air. We need to stick to the technology that is more environmentally friendly. Like for example, busses and cars have switched to cleaner engines. And we now know have to generate electricity using wind. If we stick to these strategies, we can be a cleaner, greener country by the time we are at least twenty years old.

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