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Access to Collins Big Cat eBooks

Whilst pupils are completing their learning at home, when they need to change their book, they can do so here with an eBook.  If pupils are reading books from pink to lime, you have access to a number of books by clicking the link.

Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions.

To do this simply click on the link here.

Select the school first.  Then enter the day and month of birth (1/January), the first letter of the last name (A), and year group (1).  Once in, click on the tab for eBooks (top left).

Use the login details above – not your child’s own details.

Any problems, let us know.

Happy reading!

17 thoughts on “Access to Collins Big Cat eBooks

  1. They are not allowing me to log in with mine or my childs details

  2. Hello Laura,
    Once you have selected Heavers, please enter the day (1) and the month of birth (January), the first letter of the last name (A), and year group (1). Once in, click on the tab for eBooks (top left).
    Please do not try to use your own details, it won’t work.
    Best wishes

  3. I have also put in my child’s details, but it does not recognise the information. What do I do please

  4. Ive done that multiple times but its still staying that i need to speak to the teacher.

  5. Hi having issues logging into the Collins connect. Son is in periodot class

  6. Hows comes ive got to put 1st, January and year 1 group when my daughter is 10 0ctober and in year 3

  7. Hello,
    Please don’t put your child’s details in, it won’t work. The sign in details in the instructions are for everyone to use.
    Best wishes

  8. Hello Laura,
    This is so that everyone can access the books with the same login, rather than create a different login for each child. Keeps things nice and simple!
    Enjoy the books you read.
    Best wishes

  9. Hello there,
    Are you using the generic sign which is for all pupils? If you try to uses your son’s details, it will not work. We have one sign in code for all pupils.
    Best wishes

  10. Hello Laura,
    Please use the same login code that is on the blog post. If you try to use your own child’s details, you will not be able to gain access. It is one code for all pupils to keep things simple!
    Best wishes

  11. It may have been blocked if too many people are trying to enter their own details instead of the one given in the blog post – I will look into it.

  12. Hello Abie,
    Please enter the details on the post – it won’t work if you enter your child’s details.
    Best wishes

  13. Hello Ann-Marie,
    I have just checked the site using the login details on the blog post and it is working. Make sure you use the details in the blog post, not your child’s details. It is the same login for everyone. 1, January, A, 1.
    Best wishes

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