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Thank you! New benches and Paintbrushes for our school

The benches are now out in the Y5/6 playground (they will be spread out to the different playgrounds next week). Years 5 and 6 were both very excited as the new benches appeared during their playtime this morning and they have all been thoroughly well-tested by them already!

Heavers Farm Parent Teacher Association

A big thank you to all the members of the PTA (that means YOU, you lovely lot – don’t forget every parent/Carer/teacher/employee of the school is a member of the PTA) who have attended one of the committee’s events, donated books or uniform, baked some cakes, helped set up (or clean up!), or let the committee borrow your classroom.

Together we have raised a lovely amount of money and the committee has worked with the school to decide how best to spend it. We’ve made two big purchases so far this academic year as follows;

The committee have bought 5 new benches for the playgrounds! These are made from recycled plastic and are in our house team colours. The new benches cost £1470 and  will be unveiled at tomorrow’s Playground Pop Up from 3pm.

The second purchase was for 700 artist quality paintbrushes – these cost £315 and will be…

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