31 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 24th February 2020

  1. I think that we can create a fair society for humans by understanding that we are all homosapiens even though we all have a tiny difference.

  2. We are all equal and we are all treated equally. That is why I love our school.

  3. I think that the women’s right is good because you are all equally and not mean.

  4. At our school we celebrate everyone for being who they are and I think that is fantastic!

  5. I think the women’s Wright is good beacause we need to treat people the same and we should never let go of your dreams and never give up all ways follow your dreams if you are a women.

  6. All people should be treated the same because it will make our world a better place to live and prosper in.

  7. Men and women are all equal no matter what in school if a men through a pencil and got s warning and a women did that and you got a detention that is not fair you have to get the same punishment that is an example of how we can be fair and that was not fair

  8. I like being friends and helping everyone because everyone is a human and should be treated like one.

  9. Men and women are the same no matter what because we should treat everyone with respect and never be rude to anyone.

  10. Kindness, tolerance and respect for others is the reason why our school is the best. We are all equal and this makes it the best place to learn.

  11. I love the theme this month and girls and women should have the same rights as boys and men

  12. I think women rights is good because We need make sure that people treating people the same and make sure not being rude to people👍

  13. We discussed this quote and question in Magma class.

    We agreed that ‘human rights’ is actually quite a tricky topic to get your head around. We used examples like the right to go to school or the right to be seen by a doctor to help make this clearer. We also recognised that even though everyone is different and has their own personality, we are all human and should be treated equally.

    To make sure that we talk about EVERYONE’s rights when we are talking about human rights, pupils suggested making a website about human rights so EVERYONE can see it or making sure that when we talk about rights we talk about HUMAN rights rather than just ‘British’ rights or ‘European’ rights.

  14. I think men and women are equal because they get respect.

  15. I think women’s Wright is good because we get to remember that women got treated badly

  16. I think that everyone deserves to be treated the same.Even if we think different or look different.

  17. We should always be listening and thinking about other peoples ideas to see if they are good or not.We should let other people be able to do things that man do because women have equal rights as men.We should’ve careful of what we say because if we don’t the you won’t include other people in you’re games and you won’t have any friends.WOMENS HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE EQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We should include the people in our games no matter what it’s for women’s rights.

  18. Let woman do what they whant to do as equally like men even if they are different in a big way

  19. Citrine
    Breanna – you can become the Prime minister and make sure that every one has equal rights.
    Alannah – everyone should be able to play with everyone else.
    Aisha.E. – stand up for yourself and make sure that you can be the best that you can be.
    Isis – you can do whatever you want, you can be friends with everyone no matter what your background.
    Lilian – it doesn’t matter if you have glasses or not, you have the right to be treated fairly.
    Lexie – Emmeline Pankhurst stood up for other women, she fought so that women could have rights too.
    Kabishayan – everyone is equal no matter where they’re from.

  20. Amber Class: “We are all human beings so we should treat each other fairly. We are all from the same planet and we live in the same place and should treat everyone with respect.”

  21. I think that this means that everyone needs to be equal.Matiss Opal class

  22. Zircon class comments:
    Some people say women aren’t good at sports and that’s not true and it’s not fair for them to say that (Elijah D).
    Boys and girls can be friends and play games together because it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl (Preslynn).
    You should always work together and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or a girl you should always just be kind (Milo).
    Boys and girls should always work together when they clean and cook and then they can go to work together it shouldn’t just be the girl that cleans and cooks (Aysia).
    It’s not fair if boys only go to work and girls have to stay at home they should always be treated the same (Richard).
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl you should always be nice to each other (Lacey).
    Girls should also get to go to school in other countries not just the boys (Lisa).
    Girls should be treated the same because if the men just call the women to do the chores then it won’t be fair because that’s not fair (Verama).

  23. Treat everyone with respect no matter who it is or where you are.

  24. I think this quote means that women have right to do the same things as man.🤗

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