5 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 3rd February 2020

  1. I have loads of friends which help me through my daily life in school for example Lucie a lovely friend of mine who helps me when I need help Halel a caring friend who cheers me up Shanita a nice friend who teaches me new things Drew a fun friend who will help me find the courage to do things I have never done before and Sophia a very nice friend who uses her imagination to make new and fun games so that’s why I am always happy.I have lots of friends.😀

  2. My friends in school are always helping me through my life like Halel when I am upset she will always try and cheer me up.When I have nothing to do Drew will make a game for me and when I feel angry Shanita will do anything to make me feel better .Amira will always make me laugh when l am gloomy. That is why I always feel happy in school because my friends always help me through the tough times

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