12 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 9th December 2019

  1. I can ensure that i’m inclusive by asking people to join in with me and by being kind . I can also treat everyone equally.

  2. This means that everyone has the ability to be inclusive, and I can be so by observing if anyone is left out and participate in activities/games.

  3. I think that this means that everything is possible no matter what you do or how you do it to achieve your goals

  4. I think it means that everyone else has a ability and everybody can still do what other people can do like for example like they can move a leg but some people don’t have legs but it doesn’t mean they can’t do anything.😊😊😊😊

  5. I think it means we should all be included in games and lessons.i am gonna never leave anyone out and I’m gonna include them in my games even if I don’t know them.WE SHOULD NEVER LEAVE ANYONE OUT

  6. I think this quote means that people and kids should all be included in everything because everybody has the right to be together with other people because if they are a lone they could feel sad

  7. This means that everyone can join in the games and activities no matter their ability or disability.

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