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Parents’/Carers’ Evening Tonight

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Family Evening tonight. Parents/Carers and children can pop in between 3.30pm and 6.00pm. During this time you will be able to collect your child’s report and will have the opportunity to look through their work from the year. Children can also go and meet their new teacher for next year (see below).

The following teachers will not be available, but they will be here later in the week for you to come and say hello to:

Francesca Zagara – will be here Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July

Mike Havies- will be here Thursday 11th and Friday 12th

Geniene Adekola- will be here Thursday 18th July

The current Year 5 are being mixed to better meet needs of pupils.  The new class lists will be available to view on the doors of the current and new classes.

YR Old Class New Class Teacher
YN New Emma Regan
YR New Bronze Francesca Zagara
YR New Gold Kristal McIntosh
YR New Silver Evelyn Sackity
Y1 Gold Peridot Amanda Graham
Y1 Silver Jade Jake Lane
Y1 Platinum Emerald Maria Foncesa
Y1 Bronze Diamond Geniene Adekola
Y2 Diamond Amber Vanessa Ho
Y2 Jade Zircon Tia McNeill
Y2 Peridot Citrine Uzma Salim
Y2 Emerald Topaz Melanie Smiley
Y3 Zircon Ruby Sharon Weithers
Y3 Citrine Onyx Kwabena Pabbi
Y3 Amber Jet Mike Havies
Y3 Topaz Pearl Dorothy Royal
Y4 Jet Turquoise Gabrielle McKee
Y4 Pearl Quartz Justine Burrows
Y4 Onyx Opal Syreana Miller
Y4 Ruby Moonstone Beverley Dennis
Y5 Turquoise Coral Marcia Sparman & Chloe Jacquart
Y5 Quartz Magma Andrew Rushton
Y5 Moonstone Sapphire Keegan Martin
Y5 Opal Tanzanite Emily Glaser
Y6 Mixed Tourmaline Harry Cambridge & Caroline Kelly
Y6 Mixed Amethyst Corina Pascal
Y6 Mixed Obsidian Dan McCormack
Y6 Mixed Aquamarine Toni Silvestri