7 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 1st July 2019

  1. I think that Mrs Obama means that when you achieve a goal, you feel good about yourself, but
    it is hard to truly feel good about someone else’s success.

  2. I think Mrs Obama means that it’s better to work hard and suceed instead of not working and not doing anything yourself.
    She means she wants us to work hard for our own success instead of forcing people to do the work for you

  3. I think that Miss Obama means that you should be unique and have your own success as you grow up.

  4. I think that Michelle Obama means that when you achieve things it feels really good and it is better than when other people achieve things because you feel very proud of yourself.

  5. I think that Mrs Obamas words mean that you feel joyful when you arrive at your dreams . And if someone else achieves their goals you will be happy for them but you will not feel as happy as if it was you

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