9 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 10.06.2019

  1. I think Ellen’s words are import for everybody since you should love yourself , your flaws, imperfections and personality. No one should feel alone in the struggle to love your self!

  2. Ellen’s words are important to everybody because some people just need to relax and realise who they are.

  3. Ellen’s words are very important for people that aren’t body positive to themselves. Everybody needs to love themselves, including the way they look, otherwise they’ll be sad for the rest of their life. And remember, even if you feel like you’re not beautiful, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! 😇

  4. Ellen’s words are important to help people who are alone and need help sometimes

  5. I think that Ellen’s words should be important to everyone because it makes people feel happy and loved.It makes them think of who they are,if they don’t feel positive about who they are,the words comfort them.you shouldn’t be ashamed about your skin or personality

  6. Ellen’s words are important because we need to focus on who we are.You don’t need to be beautiful on the outside just on the inside.😀😃😂😇

  7. I think that Ellen’s words are important for every body because sometimes people just need to rest and realise who they are.

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