18 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: 03.06.2019

  1. I think that you should always show your true colours because they show who you really are.

  2. i think everyone should’nt be afraid to show their true colours because everyone is unique

  3. Peridot : Kabishyan : I love to play in the garden I love my shed , my bike and my scooter ( my true colours include being active outside ). William B : I help my family to water the plants ( my true colours include loving growing food) . Aisha B : I like to paint to paint and draw, it makes me feel calm and peace . Alizay : I like to play with my sisters we play tag , my true colours are being with family . Lilian : I love singing my true colours are being a singer . Conor : I love swimming , my true colours are being underwater .

  4. I think everyone’s true colours should be noticed and you should just be yourself, not letting others change who you are.

  5. Show your true colours to people. It doesn’t matter if someone is different to you or what sex you are. Believe in true colours. It don’t matter. True colours is fun.

  6. My true colours are my love and passion to draw.when I hold a pen,pencil or marker in my hand i hold it close to my heart

  7. Everyone should be proud of there true colours. My true colours are kind,passion.

  8. My true colours are my love and passion to draw . When I hold a pen , pencil or marker in my hand I hold it close to my heart. I hope everyone will cherish and celebrate their passions , skills and flaws. My advice I give to anyone struggling to show their true colours is that at the start it may be hard but if you stick through it you will realise that other people’s hurtful words are nothing if you believe in your self.

  9. Your true colours make up who you are as a person. My true colours are that I’m kind,helpful, confident, a good friend, bright, bubbly, I stick to my guts, creative and smart.

  10. Everyone should believe in their true colours even if they are afraid to. Even if people tease you with them be brave My true colours are passion and friendship

  11. My true colours are that I’m kind ,cheerful and I’m bright . I think everyone can believe in what they want to believe in and don’t let anyone bring you down because of there opinion just be brave.

  12. I am very emotional and over tempered but I stick to my heart and believe in my religion which is Christianity and I believe in Jesus and that he came to save the world .,

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