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Whole School Optional Homework

We have an exciting opportunity.  Our new PTA would like a special logo of their own.  This is a design that will be on all of their communications, their blog, facebook page and used everywhere the PTA is involved in making our school a better place.

This week, we would like you to design a logo for the PTA for the PTA to choose one to represent them.

It must show that it is linked to Heavers Farm and include the letters PTA.

The PTA is all of the parents and staff of the school working together, making the school a better place. You might try to include this idea in your design.

You might want to include the school’s leaf logo in some way.

Please submit entries to the school office by Monday 12th November.

The PTA committee will then choose the winning design.

Many thanks and good luck!

Mr Askey

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