1. I want to build on it but also challenging it because some people with disabilities look normal but still have a disability like you can do a sport and they can join in and some do have a disability that is visible like being in a wheelchair and that’s clear but it doesn’t matter if your disabled your still you your unique YOU ARE HUMAN!😃🙂😊

  2. I disagree with that because it doesn’t matter who you are you can do anything if you just believe.

  3. I think that I live in the sea because I want to see what it looked like under there to see a lot of fish under there

  4. i didnt understand the question properly until my mum explained it. i actually disagree because anyone can achieve what they want if they want to.

  5. I think that if you have a disability you can do everything other people can do.

  6. I. think that. they. are not different To us but they need some help more than people without disabilities.

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