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Please Drive and Park Safely

We want to make the start and end of the day as safe as possible for all of our pupils, their families and anyone else who collects children or visits our school.

To help us do this we need everyone to drive, park and behave safely at the start and end of the school day.

We have noticed once again an increasing number of parents are parking very dangerously outside the school.  Due to the pedestrian crossing outside of our school, and the curve of Tennison Road, it is essential that you do not park on the white zig zag lines. You should never park on these. See this link for more information:

We understand that it is not always easy to find somewhere to park, but the following are not acceptable:

  1. Parking on, or in front of the residents’ drives.
  2. Parking on the white zig zag lines, this blocks the road and decreases visibility on the pedestrian crossing.
  3. Driving down and parking in the driveway to the school off of Tennison Road.
  4. Loading into and out of the car while stopped at the pedestrian crossing.

What we suggest to make your life easier at dropping off and collection times:

  1. Walk when you can.
  2. Leave in plenty of time, so that you have time to find a parking space or have time to walk.
  3. Make arrangements with friends/family to car share or walk together.

Please make an effort to make the start and end of the school day as positive as possible. While doing the wrong thing might make your life easier, bad driving and parking can have a bigger negative impact on a larger number of those arriving and leaving school.  It makes the traffic situation worse, which is stressful for all road users, and has the potential to be fatal to any of our pupils.

Thank you.

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