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Black History Month Assembly and Workshops

Last week, Years 4, 5 and 6 all took part in assemblies and workshops for Black History Month. Last week, these explored what happened aboard the Empire Windrush and investigated what it might be like for the individuals that came over on the ship.

Dani, the facilitator delivering these workshops, was so impressed by our children’s work that she sent us this lovely letter to say thank you! All of our pupils really enjoyed these workshops and assemblies as well, so we’re sending a big digital thank you straight back!


Heavers Farm Thank You Letter

Hopefully the Year 1s, 2s and 3s will impress as much at their assemblies and workshops this week, which explore Black history by taking the students (and staff!) on a journey through different kinds of music of Black origin.

13 thoughts on “Black History Month Assembly and Workshops

  1. What a lovely letter! My son in year 3 has spent the weekend telling myself and his cousins what he’s learnt so far during Black History month!

  2. It is important that everybody from every skin colour should be able to do the same things other people do.

  3. The workshop was a splendid success!Dani had done a unbelievable job for KS2.

  4. I loved the assembly’s and the workshops because we got lots of information on black history

  5. I think we should celebrate black history all year because they fought for justice and for civil rights.😎😀

  6. I like Heavers Farm because it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is and we are all friends.

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