11 thoughts on “Black History Month

  1. The black history has done a lot for us and what is this country without black people?! The history has changed everything and made this country a better place for us.What people could be better than black people to change our country to a better country.

  2. I love black history month because you can celebrate everyone’s differences.Also I think that we should celebrate black history for 3 months because people sacrificed themselves to help us have a better future and an equal one too.A month is way to short.

  3. Black,brown and white people are never better than others because no skin colour is better than another skin colour.

  4. I really enjoy black history month because it is a time to celebrate other people’s difference’s.I think we should celebrate black history through out the year because they have gone through so much just to fight for our civil right’s.😀😎

  5. When I think of black history I remember how good it was to lean about it.It will be the best memory.

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