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    Fareeda – You should always remember what people have done for us all year round, not just in October.
    Jarmani – If Martin Luther King hadn’t fought for black rights people would still be divided.
    Eleanor – How would you feel if you if you did something good but it wasn’t recognised because of the colour of your skin.
    ALL – People deserve to be recognised all the time for what they have achieved no matter the colour of their skin.

  2. We don’t have to wait until October because everybody has a right to celebrate it when they want to.

  3. We should never wait for October to celebrate Black History because people have come a long way and and Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Junior sacrificed themselves for us.

  4. Black history is nice bacause we get to celebrate everybody

  5. My thought is we can celebrate black history month every single month because I have never learned about it before.

  6. I think we should celebrate all people’s history all of the time. I like Black history month too.

  7. I am looking forward to Black History Month because I never heard of it but I think its going to be good.

  8. Muhammad Ali was the best boxer ever and he is a hero to everybody.

  9. I think that Black History Month is going to be nice because I’ve never learnt it before in year one.

  10. Bob Marley is the best reggae singer ever and my mum and dad listen to his music. He is a cool guy.

  11. I think that history month is going to be great and we can learn about everyone’s history all of the time.

  12. I think that history should be taught and that it doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is.

  13. Amber class thinks that it is relevant because it acts as a good reminder for us to be kind to each other and make the right choices. Although we don’t have a chance to talk to people from history, we can remember their courage and bravery.

  14. Il learnt about black history no matter what about it is just to celebrate about differences

  15. I’ve learnt no matter what skin colour you are or however you are different to others you should all be treated the same way and respect everybody’s diffrences

  16. I know that nobody should be rude or disrespect to others just because there a difference skin colour to you or if they look different everybody should respect each other

  17. Black history is British history because when black people came to this country from all over the world, they helped make this country a better place.They became sports people,musicians,businessmen,writers and politicians and improved Britain .

  18. It doesn’t matter what country or religon your from beause you can always learn from each other. They can always lean from you. SCHOOL ROCKS!!!!!!!!! I love BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

  19. I like Black history month ♥. I don’t know about Black history month but I still like black history month.♡♡ I think it is going to be nice and fun.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆○¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  20. It doesn’t matter what country or religon your from because you can always learn from each other.
    They can always learn from U TO. SCHOOL ROCKS!!!!!!! I love BLACK HISTORY MONTH. We’re all the same
    but you don’t see it in you . BELEIVE IN YOURSELF


  22. We should all celibrate blackhistory because where different

  23. It doesn’t matter wat cultural you are or wat couler you are we are all people we will stand together.

  24. it doesn’t matter if everyone is different were all people we stick

  25. Back in the day people wernt treated like we are all human. I love all of you!!!! .

  26. Black History is important because people like Martin Luther king Nelson Mandela Bob Marley and Rosa Parks did what ever they could do to not be treated badly .I LOVE BLACK HISTORY MONTH😀😀

  27. Black history is not just in October,November,December e.t.c it is all the time we support all skin colours whether your black,white and mixed race it’s important to treat all colours the same also you all colours everywhere

  28. There are people who sacrified themselves for others therefore we don’t have to wait until october to celebrate black history month.We should be grateful or we wouldn’t be here toaday

  29. October is not a good time because they should have a right every time

  30. I think we should celebrate black history because it was the time when wind rush went to England in the year of 1948👍.
    Also it’s ok that it’s in October but at the same time why should we all wait.

  31. I think black history is for people because they know all about the month of black history

  32. Ruby Bridges is a hero because she is now a civil rights activist and she has four children.

  33. In topic we have learned about Ruby Bridges. I want to say that it wasn’t fair that she wasn’t allowed to go to school because she is black. I love Heavers Farm because it doesn’t matter what colour you are.

  34. Ruby Bridges was the first black child to go to a mixed school in North America. She is a hero.

  35. Ruby Bridges had to go to school with a Police person because were not being nice to her. Heavers Farm is the best school because we can learn and be ourselves.

  36. I am pleased that children of all colours and religions can come to Heavers Farm. Ruby Bridges was a very brave little girl.

  37. Black history is British history because the people on the Windrush come over to rebuild our country. Black history is not just
    realavent on October it is also relavent for the whole year because it is importent

  38. You should celebrate black history month every time because the black people did d a lot of things to our contry we should respect the black people beacuse they upgrat our beautiful country😎🤓🤓😒😲😀.

  39. The black people did so many things for us so they deserve to be treated fairly like us and we should celebrate what they did for example, the Notting hill carnival. And they will not be happy if we only celebrate what they did oce a year🤔

  40. “A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

    Marcus Garvey

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