19 thoughts on “Thought for the week

  1. School is a important place to learn because if you don’t then you won’t celebrate any differences between everyone in our school

  2. school is a great start for learning and celebrating the differences between people because each of us are unique but in our own way and we may like different things on the other hand we can still be friends and celebrate this.

  3. It doesn’t matter if you are different because everyone is still treated the same.love Olivia 🎈🎈🎈

  4. I think school important place to learn about others and celebrate that is because we know about there religion or heritage and we respect that. 🙂

  5. It’s important because people learn new things from other people everyday and if we were all the same the world would be dull and boring but right now everyone is happy and enjoys their environment .

  6. Respect other differences because we are all different but equal.from shanita Juuko
    Zircon class

  7. The school is an important place to learn because the teachers can help you if you struggle on a question or equasion that way you can remember to practise,practise,practise in english and in math you can study the method that you learned and we can celebrate differences so that we can support there culture,country and religion and that way we can all be happy and celebrate that.

  8. Differences are natural because no two people are the same, for example my mum likes to cook but i like to help. Everyone in school is not the same colour or from the same race or believe the same thing, but we should still love and respect everyone and celebrate them.

  9. Everyone is different in their own unique way. Some people come from different places and cultures, some have different families so we need to love and respect everyone inspite of who they are.

  10. We have to love and respect everyone in the school and keep your hands and feet to yourself and follow all the school rules.

  11. Peridot class says : Alizay To make sure everyone is felling happy and smiley ; Alannah If you don’t learn when you are little then when you are a grown up you will not know how to be kind. ; Chlow When we learn together learning is more fun for us ; Alex If someone falls we have to help them back up ; Holly Its goo if people are different because it would not be nice if we all liked the same clothes and all said the same words, it would not actually be that fun ; Micha If you celebrate at school each other we will not learn that much …

  12. School is so important because it is like a circuit in life.And if the circuit brakes down your life does because it leads you to a better opportunity for your dream job

  13. Differences is key sometimes. And I’m sure some people reading this would want themselves to be them. And if people were the same,opinions would be the same

  14. I think it is good to learn because you can learn about different regions if your friend is a different region and you will learn about them and get smarter.

  15. I think it’s good to be happy of someone because then they will be happy when you do something good.

  16. It Is Important to celebrate everybody’s differences because that’s what makes us unique. If everybody was the same then everything would be boring.

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