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Classes for September 2018

We are pleased to be able to confirm who will be teaching each class in September.

Everyone is really excited about their new classes and we look forward to the children getting to know their new teachers.

New Class Current Class Teacher
YN Little Gems Mrs Regan
YR Platinum Ms Graham
YR Silver Mrs Sullivan
YR Gold Mr Ambler
YR Bronze Miss Boylan
Y1 Diamond Platinum Miss Gwenlan
Y1 Jade Bronze Miss Taylor
Y1 Emerald Gold Mrs Marsh
Y1 Peridot Silver Miss O’Roarke
Y2 Citrine Diamond Mrs Salim
Y2 Amber Jade Miss Ho
Y2 Topaz Emerald Mr Cambridge
Y2 Zircon Peridot Mr Silvestri
Y3 Pearl Citrine Miss Royal
Y3 Ruby Amber Mrs Adegbite
Y3 Jet Topaz Miss Smiley
Y3 Onyx Zircon Mr Perrin
Y4 Quartz Pearl Mrs Burrows
Y4 Moonstone Ruby Miss Weithers
Y4 Turquoise Jet Miss McKee
Y4 Opal Onyx Miss Pascal
Y5 Sapphire Quartz Mr Smith
Y5 Magma Turquoise Mr Rushton
Y5 Tanzanite Opal Mr Soffe
Y5 Coral Moonstone Miss Sparman/Ms Jacquart
Y6 Obsidian Coral Mr Spiller
Y6 Aquamarine Sapphire Mr Swinyard
Y6 Tourmaline Tanzanite Mr McCormack/Miss Kelly

There are plans around the school, which show you where each class will be in the building.  In most cases the class names are in the same location as this year.