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Picking up and dropping off

We all know how busy the start and finish of the school day can be, but we want to highlight some ways that this can be a more positive experience for everyone.

  1. Park and Stride.  The roads around our school get very busy.  The best option, if you need to drive, is to find a quiet road further from the school and enjoy a short walk to the school from there.  This will encourage a healthy lifestyle and give opportunities for some quality conversation.
  2. Public Transport.  Our school is well served by trains and local buses.  Live departure information can be found on the TFL website.
  3. Walk with a neighbour.  Many of our families live very close to each other.  Meet at an agreed time and walk to school together (you might be able to take it in turns to walk the children to/from school).  Many parents find this very helpful in balancing a busy schedule.
  4. Make sure you leave home in plenty of time. A calm start to the day will be really beneficial to the children and give them the opportunity to participate in all opportunities for learning.
  5. Please carry/push scooters once inside the school gates.  It is crowded in the playgrounds and no one wants to start or finish the day with a physical injury. A parent has recently been badly hurt after a scooter collision.

Remember: Our children and parents/carers should be able to pick up and drop off without the risk of physical harm.  We urge those dropping off/picking up by car to put the welfare of their fellow parents/carers first.  Parking illegally and unsafely could put lives at risk.  The Tennison Road drive is an essential entrance for the emergency services.

It is important to model positive relationships with our neighbours by parking safely and carefully. Respect others property, by not parking in their driveways or blocking access to people’s homes.

Thank you for your cooperation.