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Celebrating Attendance

At Heavers Farm we love to celebrate the achievements of our pupils.  On Friday, we celebrated those with over 98% attendance and no late marks during the Autumn Term.  As the children explained it is important to come to school to “learn new things”, “make friends” and “learn how to play nicely with each other”.

We randomly chose 2 children (with over 98% attendance) from each year group to win a prize.

The following children won:

Wissam Merarsi (Amethyst)

Chelsea Longe (Aquamarine)

Ndase Abi (Tanzanite)

Barbera Boye (Coral)

David Dilanda Mobali (Turquoise)

Brianna Swan (Quartz)

Daniel Ekpenyong (Onyx)

Mamadu’selo Djalo (Pearl)

Kryan Jospeh Noel (Zircon)

Isaiah Banjo (Topaz)

Shemariah Kwasisi (Emerald)

Aisha Almerkhi (Peridot)

Micah Fisher (Silver)

Alannah Murch (Silver)

Luca Demoko (Little Gems)

Sage-Amar Thompson (Little Gems)

Congratulations to these winners. And a massive well done to those who have managed to successfully get to school most or all of the time.

Remember it could be you next term if you are at school for at least 98% of the time and never late!


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