22 thoughts on “Thought for the week

  1. We have to respect the diffrences because if we was the same we would just see the same person again and again and it is annoying.🤓🤓see it basically the same like they are twins but they actually not.

  2. A relationship is like you are freinds forever and you are BFFs you don’t want to break up

  3. I believe this because when you come across an object you should respect what it is also not judge about it.What if the same thing will happen to you.I was taught that whatever you do,it will come back to you in a same exact way.

  4. We can be the same and different skin colour eye colour who cares we can all be friends

  5. I have friends who are black I have friends that are white we are BFFS forever nothing can stop us

  6. I have black and white friends and even though we fight nothing takes us apart

  7. We need to respect differences because if we were all the same we would do every thing together and Imagen how annoying that will be

  8. Black people should be eaquall even if there different and everyone has a difference including you

  9. People are equal like my friends which will not ever give up on me like I never gave up on them and nothing can take me apart not even the strongest hate ever

  10. Me and Xavier have many differences and a few similarities but we make it work. You can make it work too!

  11. I think it’s amazing that we are finally putting this to the light because I think that we need to discuss this . I think black people and white people are amazing because they are unique ! And I think if we are all the same it would be annoying if we are the same so that’s why I think it’s so important that we are different . It’s okay to be twins though

  12. You’re right actually coz if you’re the same it will be boring and you’ll see the same person every time 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. But if you’re different 😇😍😊🙃😜🙄☹️😣😭 it will be fun.

  13. You shod not treat someone different because they are a different colour .

  14. I have a friends that are black people and people that are white and nothiing will change

  15. You should treat everyone with respect because that means you are doing the right thing and show the people how you do the right thing.

  16. I have black friends and brown friends and white friendship.

  17. I think if people are different than you can still play with them . If your friend is a different colour then you can still play with them no matter what colour they are.

  18. people are different but that is not a reason why we can’t be friends. 🤑😍

  19. I respect the fact that my friends may be interested in different things but we can still respect each other.

  20. We should all respect each other mainly our differences

  21. All though I like mincraft and some of my friends don’t it doesn’t stop us from being friends.

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