5 thoughts on “Thought for the week

    Yes we can, My ambition is to become pediatrician, I work hard and play hard, believe in what Bruce Lee said “I am not scared of 10000 moves that you have practiced once, I am scared of one move that you have practiced 10000 times”, The essence is “Practice, practice and practice what you want to become” and “think of what you want to become all times, as Swami Vivekananda says “Thoughts are things and they will become reality one day if you truly believe.”

  2. I can achieve something I want but I still need to work hard because when you say something it feels easy but when you try it it’s hard to do so by the end of this year i would like to achieve my head teachers by focusing on my studys

  3. I think so because it you believe in yourself and keep persevering you will achieve more goals everyday.

    For example you could became a school council a headgirl ,a head boy,a house captain.

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