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Summer Sporting Roundup


It’s been a busy year for sports at Heavers Farm, with over 30 competitions already having taken place before the summer term even started. So it will come as no surprise that since the Easter break, we’ve had several exciting events and competitions.


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All of our various football teams have been very busy, with loads and loads of matches taking place. Our Year 3 and 4 teams have come on in leaps and bounds since they first started playing, and in our most recent match, Moonstone Class’s George finally netted the goal he’s been striving for against Selsdon. Our girls have also been busy, and our team for next year have been sharpening up. We’ve got a star new striker in Tiana from Sapphire class. Our Year 6 football team have also been ending their time at Heavers in style, with a few tournaments this term. A special mention goes to Coral Class’s Alex, who saved a spectacular five penalties in a bid to get Heavers into the semi-finals at Oakwood Prep’s tournament.


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Our basketball team have also been performing spectacularly. They sailed through the qualifiers in style when they travelled to Oasis Academy Coulsdon for the first round of the competition. After lots more practise, we headed back to Coulsdon for the final, where we finished in joint third place. A special well done to our Year 5 team members, Paul and Thea, who were a great asset to the team.

Change4Life Festival

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Although non-competitive, we also hosted a fantastic Change4Life festival for our Year 3 and 4 children. This was a really fun event where our Year 3 and 4s had a go at a variety of different mini-games and activities aimed to increase levels of activity. It also provided an opportunity for the teachers to get a bit of training in so that we can all improve on our sports teaching! A big thank you to our Year 6 leaders, who, after a little bit of training, led the event for the Year 3 and 4s fantastically and in a very helpful and mature manner!

Kwik Cricket

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Onto the summer games now, Mr Jackson (our resident international cricketer) took our cricket team to Addiscombe Cricket Club for the first round of the Croydon School Sports Partnership cricket competition. Our team gave it a really good go, but didn’t manage to qualify against some very talented teams from other schools.  We’ll come back stronger next year after some top-notch coaching from Mr Jackson and Mr Miller! An extra special mention goes to Kisaanth from Pearl Class, who stepped up from Year 3 to join our Year 5 and 6 team for this competition.


With only one day to recover between events, our summer games team took to Royal Russell School for a Year 5 and 6 Rounders Qualifier. Again, our team put on a really good display, and learnt from some of their mistakes in the cricket, but unfortunately missed out on a spot in the finals again.

All of us at Heavers Farm want to say an absolutely huge well done to everybody that has taken part in every competition this term and this year, you’ve all been a credit to our school and represented us to the highest standard! 

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