9 thoughts on “Thought for the week: preparation

  1. I think the parents will become more faster then they were before

  2. Sometimes,if you fail in things try again and again until you know what to do 😄. Example if you are trying to put on you badges on your jumper and then you give up, keep on trying do that do you know how to do it.

  3. I almost gave up on maths but then worked harder to improve my maths work and I went to a more challenging table

  4. Now one is perfect and people will fail and fail again but if you learn from your faultimate and imperfections, you will succeed.😀😀😁

  5. You never stop trying! Because you WILL learn!

    I practiced skipping in reception and kept trying and trying and trying and now that I am year 1 I can do it. I love skipping!

  6. To have total preparation you must always practice for your day ahead. Like haw year two and year six are doing exams. Good luck!

  7. Sometimes I just give up on the maths work we have to do but then I try and try again then I understand the point of the question or number sentence so even though I want to give up I fail and try again .sometimes I say I will fail but Ithe other side of me says I won’t give up on my dream of passing exceedingly

  8. If I were year six I would prepare. For you to get the school you want is to get everything right in the exams. If you got at least one or two wrong you will stay in year six until you get all the questions in

  9. Example of giving up was when I tried to mąkę some cookies but they burnt so I asked my mum if she can teach me. Now I can bake some cookies without burning them.

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