10 thoughts on “Thought for the week: changing your mind

  1. I think that changing your mind is ok and not ok, it depends on the situation. But now the situation of changing your mind is bad because people might have got organised to do something fun or do a celebration about what just happened but then they realize that it is cancelled and the situation of having fun has gone!!! Also people might think that Theresa May can’t make her mind or make the right decision for the city ,London.So that means i think it is a bad choice to change your mind in politic situations.Bye and thank you for reading my quote.

  2. It depends what you might change your mind on.
    If you change the mind to behave your self. It’s good.
    If you change to make people feel upset. It’s bad.

  3. I do really like changing my mind lots of times. And sometimes I do it all the time. But, it doesn’t make any differences in my life.

  4. Changing your mind is a bad because lets say you are voting for an election and the election date will be on a Saturday and then you change your mind because your too busy .Thats not good because the whole world would hear that the election is on a Saturday and then if you cancelled it then there was not point of doing the election because you just wasted their time.

  5. Changing your mind can sometimes lead to trouble. It is not always good change the thoughts you already had , into ones that you might not want to trust. Like making a freind or baking cakes. You never know, whats in store when you change your mind.

  6. I think changing your mind is bad because you have to stick to what you’ve chosen but you might have to Change your mind for several reasons 🤗😋but just sometimes

  7. It’s great change your mind because it makes you feel like it is good .sometimes you’re doing the wrong things that make you feel bad 😔 because if you don’t make the right decision when your older you can go to prison 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  8. I think changing your mind is a good and bad thing because if you’re in a group and they are bad you have to leave but say if you were going to get a job and then you change your mind and you know that they have done everything for you but you let them down

  9. It’s a good thing to because if you want be a teacher then you want to be a scientist it is good because your having new experiences

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