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Notice for Parents: Mobile Phones in School


Dear Parents,

Please ensure that your child only brings a mobile phone into school if this is absolutely necessary. For example, if your child travels home alone from school.

Children are not permitted to use mobile phones on the school premises.

Once your child enters the site, the mobile phone must be turned off and out of sight (this means stored inside a bag or a coat pocket) and once your child enters the classroom, this must be handed over to be stored in the phone bag for the class.

If a member of the school staff sees a child with a mobile phone in school (including in the playground, before and after school), it will be confiscated and stored in the office.

Once a phone is confiscated, you will be informed via text and an adult will need to come and collect the phone from the school office. We will not return the phone back to a child once it has been confiscated, until an adult has collected it.

Please ensure, if your child is bringing a mobile phone into school, as per our policy, that you have signed the Mobile Phone Use Agreement, available here. Further, the phone will need to be labelled with your child’s name and class.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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