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Reminder regarding clubs

We have noticed that some parents/carers have not been making payments before their child attends a club, please read this reminder regarding all extended services and after-school clubs. We will be enforcing this stringently from now on.

Please remember that payment for all clubs needs to be made before the session takes place. Failure to do so will result in your child not being able to attend the club.

Any child with an outstanding balance on their account will have all extended services and clubs suspended until the account is back in credit. This includes free clubs.

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required for all fee-paying clubs, including Taekwondo Club and Football Club, or you will still be charged. The only exception is if your child is absent from school on that day, in this case, you will not be charged.

If you have any outstanding balance on your account upon our return on 20.02.2017, your child will not be able to attend any clubs.