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4G Footie!


We had our inaugural (that means first) football match on our fancy new 4G pitch on Friday! Our Heavers Farm football team took on our Federation-mates Selsdon in a high-tension friendly, on the day that we were celebrating our Executive Headteacher, Ms Papas.

Both teams played fantastically, and it was a really thrilling game. Heavers went up 1-0 fairly quickly, when a flurry of shots came towards Harry, the Selsdon keeper, and Kingsley eventually slotted one past him into the goal.

A shot from Bailey for Selsdon brought the score level again around 10 minutes in, but then, just before the whistle to end the first half, star-player Bryan made a fantastic run down the right wing. Bryan finished the run brilliantly, sliding the ball into the far-left corner and leaving Harry helpless in goal. This meant that the Heavers had the lead as we went into half time.

Selsdon had several chances to bring the score level again, but excellent defending from Hope and Rafael scuppered Selsdon’s chances at goal. Despite loads more chances being created by Selsdon, Heavers managed to stave them off for the entire second half, meaning the match ended with a successful 2-1 to Heavers Farm.

This was a great way to end the week and an even better way to christen our special new pitch. Well done to our entire Heavers Farm squad, and well done to the team from Selsdon, who played fantastically to make it a real challenge. Let’s not also forget a big well done to our very own José Mourinho, Mr Samuels.

Check out the pictures and videos from the match below:

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