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Super Swimmers!


Yesterday was a fantastic day for the Heavers Farm swim team!

Eleven children from Years 3-6 travelled to South Norwood Leisure Centre for the Croydon Schools Swimming Gala. This was a great event, with really tough competition from tonnes of schools around Croydon.

There were some really fab performances from the Heavers swimmers, and it was very hard to choose a standout performance, but our swimmer of the competition has to go to Tiana from Sapphire Class, who swam in four races today! Tiana sped to the winning spot in her heats of the butterfly and freestyle (front crawl) races, as well as anchoring the 4×1 freestyle relay team to a win in their heat.

Also deserving a special mention are Sidena from Onyx Class, who was the only Year 3 in her race and held her own brilliantly, and Ava Marie from Turquoise Class, who came second by milliseconds in her heat after a storming swim!

A particular highlight was the boys 4×1 freestyle relay heat, where most of the race was a dead heat between the Selsdon and Heavers Farm boys. Selsdon eventually pipped us to the post, but it was a really riveting watch and a fantastic effort from the boys!

It was a really great event, and everyone that competed for Heavers Farm yesterday deserves an enormous well done!

9 thoughts on “Super Swimmers!

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