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Jolly Hockey Sticks!


The Heavers Farm hockey squads put all of their practise to the test in the Quicksticks Hockey Qualifiers at Harris Academy, Crystal Palace last Thursday. Some of you may have seen them practising for the past few weeks with Mr J and Mr Samuels (our resident José Mourinho), and their hard work paid off with a place in the Croydon finals!

Heavers Farm took two teams to the qualifiers, Heavers Farm ‘A’ and Heavers Farm ‘B’; but don’t be fooled by the A and B denotations, it was the ‘B’ Team that came out on top. In fantastic form, both teams made it into the final playoffs in the qualifier, so they both played brilliantly, but it was Mr Samuels’ ‘B’ team that snagged the win in the end, finishing 2nd overall and securing a place in the finals on Monday 30th January.

Player of the match goes to Yehoshua from Amethyst Class, who really held the team together to help them secure the second place spot.

Well done to our fab ‘A’ Team, and good luck to our ‘B’s in the final on Monday, and if you see any of them around school, give them a well done and a good luck!

Check out the pictures from the qualifiers below!

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  1. Try your best and you’ll do well.🎯🎯🎻 it’s okay if you fail as long if you’ve tried your best.

  2. If I were there I would be the best hockey player there because I’m better at hockey 🏑 and most types of sports.

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