50 thoughts on “Thought for the week

  1. I say. Yes because when you are little you experience a learning journey.πŸΌπŸš€πŸΆπŸͺPearl class

  2. I think that this quote means when you are little baby because it feels like a adventure.πŸ˜„

  3. I think this quote means when you learn you keep going but when you get to a destination you stop

  4. In Pearl class we have a hot air balloon display to show that we are travelling on a learning journey together. Learning is a journey, not a destination because it never ends.

  5. I think it means that you don’t learn in one place and everywhere you look and go
    you learn something new.Learning is everywhere and we can learn every day!πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  6. I think this quote means when you are learning you have to keep going and you can’t stop

  7. Learning is a journey because think that quates means we learn every time something new like in school we learn to be kind

  8. In my opinion I think learning can be provided in different ways because you can learn by learning games,books and many more.So from my perspective, this proves that learning different subjects can be good.

  9. I think that the this quote means ‘you have amazing adventure ‘🌸🌳.

  10. when you learn you can’t stop learning because destation make fail anything you do

  11. I think that learning is a jaurney beaeause you never stop learning a new things we everyday learn something new

  12. So lets compare it to a road trip.So when you learn,it’s like you’re on a progress towards an achievement so like the achievement is the only destination.Also like this,”life doesn’t go to you so go to it.Find yourself in your way of life”

  13. I think it’s like when you learn to do something it takes a long time to learn and it is like a journey

  14. I think this quote means that as your learning you never stop because a destination is when you stop but a journey is when you carry on and never stop.

  15. I think it means you never stop learning no matter if you are in another school you still going to learn there!!

  16. I think this means that you should never stop learning even if you past university also I believe that are journey should be concentrated on the journey of exploration, discovery of mistakes and learning an this is were are true rewards , the truly important pieces of are life are . at home my journey was when I found something but I didn’t know what it was but then I found out

  17. Leaning is a journey not a destination means you just look at that thing and you explore what it is, I think it also means if you don’t know how to do that thing you trie hard to get it right so that the next time you try it that thing will be easier for you to do it

  18. I think a learning journey is like when you go somewhere and you learn new things that’s a learning journey.

  19. I think a learning journey is a time that you travel and then you experience the life and then you would have gone on a journey and have learnt somethings

  20. learning is a journey not a destination mean you explore things around you , you don’t need to go somewhere to explore you can just look at some thing and you find out what that thing is . If you don’t know how to do that thing you just practise that thing is until you find out so next time you will do it right.

  21. i think this means when you past university you keep on learning new things an I believe that are attention should be concentrated on the journey of exploration an discovery of mistakes.

  22. I think this means that life is not a destination but a journey means that you take a big step forward and makes a difference between you and your heart about what you want to be or grow up as it helps with your fiscal education as well as it helps you with learning and taking a huge success forward

  23. I think this means that you always have to learn and you should never stop learning just push your self to learn

  24. I think it means that learning can go even longer time and still will never ever stop

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