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Let’s get Spelling!

Here at Heavers Farm Primary School, in recent years we have been focusing on the ‘teaching’ of spelling rather than spending too much time ‘assessing’ it.  We now feel it is time to combine the two.

At home: learning spellings in preparation for a weekly test will return as a focus.  You will be given some guidance on ways to support your child with learning the chosen words at home when the homework is sent home. To help give you an idea how successful the ways you are supporting your child with spelling are, your child will be bringing their completed spelling test home each Friday.

We will also be running parent workshops for all year groups during the Spring term.  The Early Years workshops will be on supporting reading at home, Years 1-6 will be on supporting spelling at home.  We will notify you shortly of the times and dates of these workshops with plenty of notice so that you have every opportunity to attend.

We want as many parents and carers to attend these workshops as possible.  We will offer some during the school day and some in the evening. It is really important to us that you attend these workshops as we think it will give your child the extra boost they need to help get those spellings to stay in their heads to be used in any independent writing. Every parent or carer who attends will have their name put into a draw, in each year group, for a prize of a £100 Sainsbury’s voucher.

At school: real success is not just achieving a good mark in a weekly spelling test, it is applying the correct spelling to any independent writing – that’s when you have cracked it!  Children will be expected to identify the correctly spelt words in their own independent writing using some special spelling pens.

The children will be taking part in a Spelling Bee (a spelling competition), many of the adults around school are very competitive so watch this space as they may well be getting involved too!

We look forward to providing you with:

Watch this space for more details.

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