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Rugby runners-up!

Friday was a fantastic day for Heavers Farm sports. Our tag rugby team, who were first in their qualifier, travelled to Lloyd Park to find out who was the best team in Croydon!

Our squad played exceptionally well, and wowed many of the coaches from other schools. We won almost all of our five matches, but drew with Downsview Primary School.

Our final match of the day was against The Minster Primary School (who, you might recall, we drew with at the qualifiers). It was a tough match, but after a scrappy game, Heavers came out on top, with three tries to their two!

There was a nail-biting conclusion to the competition, as we had exactly the same number of points as The Minster. It came down to the difference in the number of tries (goals in tag-rugby)… whilst Heavers Farm scored more tries, we also conceded more, meaning that, overall, The Minster had +6 tries to our +4! This meant that The Minster won the competition, making Heavers Farm second in Croydon.

Whilst it was frustrating to just miss out on the top spot, this is an absolutely amazing achievement for our rugby team. Last year we placed 6th overall, so we’ve come a long way to be fighting for the top-spot. In any case, we beat the top school in Croydon and scored more tries – so we can be sure to tell everyone that we’re really the best school in Croydon at tag rugby!!

A huge congratulations to everyone in our squad, and an extra special thank you to Chantelle, who stepped in at the last minute when Natasza couldn’t make it! Our MVP award goes to our captain, Frank, who really led his team by example with some fantastic offensive and defensive play.

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  1. Themselves rugby players are fab, but they have to be careful because they may get hurt.

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