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Parents’/Carers’ evening tonight is rescheduled

In order to allow our teachers to prepare for tomorrow’s Ofsted inspection of our school (which we were informed of this afternoon), the Parents’/Carers’ evening tonight has been rescheduled to next Monday (14th November).

All previously agreed appointment times will remain the same. If you cannot attend your appointment on Monday please speak directly with your child’s class teacher to set up an alternative appointment.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards

Mr McCormack

4 thoughts on “Parents’/Carers’ evening tonight is rescheduled

  1. Thanks and good luck tomorrow. Quick question before I speak to our two teachers re appointment times, will Taekwondo still be held on Monday or will it be cancelled because of the parents/carers evening? Regards Gail

  2. Thank you Gail.

    Yes, Taekwondo will be held on Monday.

    Kind regards

    Mr McCormack

  3. All the best with the Ofsted inspection today. The staff all work so hard so I hope it pays off and our school gets the follow up inspection for an “outstanding” opportunity.
    With all the current building works going on this last term in order to offer the community more education, it is obvious that everyone, parents, pupils and the HF staff have all worked even harder. Thank you!
    Keep smilling HF 🙂

  4. Hi
    This is Janice from the Governing Body for the Federation. It was great to meet a number of parents at the Parents evening on Tuesday. I received so many positive responses from parents about their children’s progress and learning and their satisfaction with the school as a whole.

    Apologies that Wednesday’s Parents Evening needed to be cancelled. But it is often a stressful time for a school when Ofsted come to visit. And although children, parents, teachers and governors may agree our school deserves an outstanding recognition, it is only Ofsted who can give us that status. So we want to give the staff as much time to prepare as possible.

    Please do complete the forms for Ofsted, again this will be used to make their judgement about Heavers Farm.

    Well done Heavers

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