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Book Exchange

Do you have a love for reading? Don’t have time to pop down to the library? Do you have some books at home which you may want to take to the charity shop but haven’t found the time to do it? Why not be a part of the “Book Exchange”?

Cleo has set up a book case outside her office. The idea is to take a book, leave a book or both. At the moment the book exchange is for adults only. If you wish to know anything more about this, please see Cleo.

Happy reading folks!

5 thoughts on “Book Exchange

  1. Hello Stephanie,

    It is only for adults at the moment because we are sharing and swapping books for adults. If it is successful we can try a children’s version. Do you think that it would be popular?

    Ms. Papas

  2. Yes, I think it might be successful due to the many children who love reading, although it might be risky because some children can’t be responsible or take care of the book. So maybe.😊🖒😊

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