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Congratulations Merstham FC!


As some of you may know, two of our Sports Coaches, Kershaney Samuels and Xavier Vidal play for a football team called Merstham FC.

On Saturday, playing an FA Cup preliminary round against Ebbsfleet United, Merstham FC secured their place in the FA Cup first round, winning 2-1. This is an absolutely huge feat, as Merstham have never made it this far before! Well done to Mr Samuels and Mr Xavier for their part in a fantastic and thrilling match and making such exciting history!

Be sure to say congratulations to them if you see them around school or in your PE lessons, and let’s wish them the best of luck for their next (very special) FA Cup game.

The draw for who Merstham will be playing in the FA Cup first round will be happening live on BBC2 and BT Sport tonight at 7pm. Merstham are Ball 79. Let’s all tune in to find out who they will be playing next!

Photos courtesy of Merstham FC & Surrey Mirror.

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